Our collection of pearls from designers around the world. Pearls have been in the history books for a while, worn by different cultures and societies, signifying wealth and prestige. The pearl is a gem with an important place in fashion, having become more accessible within the last century due to the advent of pearl farming. It signifies beauty from struggle and our connection to the ocean. What truly makes them so incredible is that they are grown, not mined. Nature's gem.
Pearl farming has been shown to be a sustainable form of jewelry harvest. Quality pearls result from healthy ecosystems, thus incentivizing pearl farmers to care for their waters. Studies show that pearl farms attract fish and organisms that seek shelter in the cages, as well as feed off the particles growing on mollusks. We work with knowledgeable pearl vendors that source from small family farms and are so proud to support them. We additionally work with many emerging designers that create their jewelry in the US.
We hope you enjoy our varied collections, everything from classic pearls to funky baroque styles!
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